10.00 - 10.45

Find out which seminars are being presented at 10.00am on Friday, 4 May 2018.

Room 1

What do bosses want? Practical versus theoretical skills
Melbourne Polytechnic

Room 2

Get your dream job: a career in game design, 3D animation and VFX
Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Room 3

Arts, humanities and global studies: so many courses of action
Australian Catholic University

Room 4

Don’t stress, it’s only Year 12!
10 top tips to help manage your year
Annette Davie-Smythe,
Careers Counsellor

Room 5

Three things to do at uni that will land you your dream job
Deakin University

Room 6

VCE English – Text study: exam preparation for Section A
Jan May,
VCE English Teacher

Career Space (New in 2018!)

Men in NURSING: why I chose midwifery and how I made it happen
Joshua Puglia,


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